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What is a Hog Silo?

August 16, 2023

What is a Hog Silo?

What is the Hog Silo?

Have you wondered what the distinctive water-tower looking feature is that sits just southeast of Idaho and E 4th Ave? It is clearly a remnant from the Idaho Veneer Mill site, but upon initial visual inspection you start to realize that it actually doesn't quite look like a water tower, and then your mind might go to grain tower... but grain tower on a mill site doesn't make sense either.  If you're lost, don't sweat it, so was I until someone educated me.  It turns out this water|grain tower looking feature from the Mill past is what they used to store saw dust which was used to fire furnaces to make steam used in the buildings. Makes a ton of sense to receycle the sawdust byproduct like that for a Mill! This feature is affectionately dubbed the Hog Silo.  If you know why or have any stories or history to enlighten me further, please message us on our contact page!

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